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Welcome to Peopod - the perfect music complement for your iPod! Don't leave without downloading one of our award winning songs. These acoustic vocal tracks from our new Digital Music Album Facts of Life are mastered to sound best in your iPod or mp3 player!  [Listen]  [Download free and Donate] to disaster relief.

Summer of Life - Life is exquisite in its various seasons, a beauty made more achingly real in the winters of life when we come to paradoxically recognise the true value of what we no longer possess. Yet would we and could we change anything? Listen to the profoundly familiar in this bittersweet ballad of unspoken affection and missed opportunity. > awards

The Tolls of Twelve - What happens if the heroine of the eponymous fairytale, trapped in the arms of her prince, fails to make it out of the ballroom when the clock strikes twelve? What could go wrong with an angel appearing one day to grant a dream of beauty and grandeur? Nothing, except that when this vanishes we're left wondering: about the angel, the dream, and even Cinderella. > awards
Skidmarks - Not all exits are equally graceful, and some people just know how to make those turns rougher than others. Trails on tarmac; skidmarks in the heartland. Is there a more awkward place to be than innocuously "More than strangers less than friends...?" Based on a series of poems, this slow jazz ballad glimmers with the emotional tumult of broken relationship. > awards

Thirst in an Ocean - A frigid night on the streets of Leeds, a man passes a drifter while walking briskly home. Feeling the sudden stirrings of empathy, he moves over to say hello, but the attempt ends abruptly and he is forced to realise a deep divide about society, and curiously, about himself. A story of modern man in a haunting picture of lostness too common in our materialistic world. > awards

Facts of Life - Free EP Download!  [Listen]
Peopod's new digital music album features full releases with enhanced vocals for 'Summer of Life', 'Skidmarks', 'The Tolls of Twelve', and 'In Your Eyes', a song for that special someone!

Step 1: Download the Free Album at CD Quality - 320kbps
Step 2: Access your Complimentary Key

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City Hall - With sounds set to mirror the heartbeat of a modern metropolis, this story of heartbreak and denial warms to the familiar chugging and precision of City Hall (MRT) station, a busy intersection of urban-rail travel in Singapore. No time to stop, or think, or perhaps, feel, where an illusion of choice awaits the weary commuter who's just travelling by force of habit.

If you like what you've heard, share and link us! Our pre-releases are free for circulation. As a DIY outfit, our sole goal is to share our music with as large a community as possible.

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